About Us

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ZAVADIAK s.r.o. company deals with solving the problems in the field of building/construction geology. We handle an interaction between buildings and natural components – soil and water. We are a major help for designers and builders. We are always looking for the optimum technical solutions using natural conditions. We don´t work with catalog solutions, each case is treated individually. Not only solutions for foundation engineering, but especially for subbase layers and embankments industrial floors and pavements  are sought. The optimal solution is based on international experience as well (Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Russia).


Our core services:

  • Engineering-geological survey
  • Compaction control
  • Soil and rock mechanics laboratory 
  • Soil mechanics calculations
  • Agro-technical analyzes

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We offer new:

Dynamic cone penetrometer DCP / TRL - ASTM 6951-03

Cone penetration tests with pore pressure measurement - CPT-U